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손바닥으로 하늘을 가리려한다.

I post about the things I like and what I draw. My name is Erin, im 20 years old and currently live in South Korea. I'll be back in the USA at the end of the summer for a bit...but I'll be back pretty quickly haha.
My major is International Politics and I'm in the Pre-law program as well. (Hopefully I'll pass that damn LSAT and Bar exam one day...)
I used to be an Art major...but lasted for only a semester and then I realized I don't really like the people or outcomes of that particular choice...So I switched to my current major and keep my art as a very involved hobby.

I'm not good at starting conversations (on or offline...anxiety) but I DO like talking to people once I get past that. Feel free to drop me a message whenever for questions or just to chat~
DA Art

Just a unicorn/centaur. Doodled to keep my mind off my life right now. 

Bowler hat version- compliments of my boyfriend. lol

Part 2. 


That is all.

Rilakkuma cutie on cgl. :> She looked too adorable to not get a doodle~ Wish I had the energy and time to draw real stuff. >< But oh well…


"Sailor Moon" inspired doughnuts to celebrate the premiere of "Sailor Moon Crystal"! 

Lemon doughnuts with strawberry glaze and homemade moon, star, & heart sprinkles!

Recipe here.

Drawing this dude guy Noiz for my friend/roommate’s DMMD blog. Just a sketch. Getting more interested in the source content the more she talks to me about it as I draw, haha. Enjoy. Any fans, please let me know if I got any characteristics wrong. :>


dusk, a merboy with an aversion to water

he’s 17 inches long and has 30 articulated parts

Happy Father's Day with the Dads of DC Comics


Today is Father’s Day so if you have a dad or someone you think of as a dad and they love you and you love them, I hope you have a good day. To celebrate I am once again offering my apologies to Dr. Seuss and offering a poem for the day.


There are dads who…


SeeU makeup practice! I need to get a few things still (fake lashes, properly colored eyeshadow, etc) but I think it went okay. Kinda minimal but I’m not used to putting on more than eyeliner and bb cream so…bleh. 

Still need to finish the gold on the ‘hanbok’ part, style the wig and fix the ears (they droopy) but…all things considered I think its going pretty well for my first cosplay attempt. hehe

Well we’ll see if I don’t get chewed out. It is the internet. haha

PS: I apologize for the duckface and poor lighting (yellow!) :p

Anyone else going to ACen this year?


Today’s coordinate was an exercise in layering.  I wore my new ManiaQ sheer overskirt over my BtSSB Angel Grosgrain skirt, lace tights over solid tights, and a chiffon blouse under my cardigan.  I also took a little extra time to curl my hair :D

and you look absolutely adorable.

Best photoshop? lol

Me x my beau waynie cakes in cosplay. Just for some laughs. 




(via Show and Tell - Imgur)

I remember reading this a while back, I’m glad it’s made it’s way to my dash again

i just love how everything she was saying was actually true

Give credit where credit is due tumblr. Svetlana Chmakova is the artist. Best known for her manga, Dramacon. Give the lady the love she deserves~♥

a 15 min quicky for a thread