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손바닥으로 하늘을 가리려한다.

I post about the things I like and what I draw. My name is Erin, im 20 years old and currently live in South Korea. I'll be back in the USA at the end of the summer for a bit...but I'll be back pretty quickly haha.
My major is International Politics and I'm in the Pre-law program as well. (Hopefully I'll pass that damn LSAT and Bar exam one day...)
I used to be an Art major...but lasted for only a semester and then I realized I don't really like the people or outcomes of that particular choice...So I switched to my current major and keep my art as a very involved hobby.

I'm not good at starting conversations (on or offline...anxiety) but I DO like talking to people once I get past that. Feel free to drop me a message whenever for questions or just to chat~
DA Art

Commission on DA. That tail made me want to cry. ff 

In other news:
I’M FINIALLY DONE WITH COMMISSIONS! OH MUH GEEEEEE! I’ve been backed up on them for months now and I finally finished! **\Q 7 Q/** 

I’d be more excited if I didn’t now have to do like 30 things for con season….BUT YAAAAAAAAA/sob/AAAAAAAY! Get ready for fanart up the bunghole…